Would you like to unlock the growth potential of your business? Have personalised data-driven advice? Growth Mindset to guide your decisions?

 The fundamental idea behind my work is creating the synergy between dream and do, between creative ideas and smart use of data all of it aimed to give direction to your business that will lead to measurable results.

 I guide Puropose driven businesses from a busy and overwhelmed state of mind to taking data-based strategic decisions for digital marketing with super ease!

Knowing why, when and how to use each platform is the key to your strategy success and I can help you gain this clarity.

My work starts with your business. Let's have a chat about it!

Dovile Corrigan

Dovile Corrigan

Partner at Azkua

Ugne worked with us at Azkua to help create and implement social media strategy. Her data analysis was very in depth and insightful, followed by recommendations about the best next steps to take. She was always very professional and on time with all the projects and follow up information. I would recommend to work with Ugne if you want to take your social media strategy to the next level and leverage it for your business growth.

Ruchika Handa

Ruchika Handa

Owner at Elegance of Living

"I had the pleasure of working with Ugne Marchionno, a consummate professional with a generous heart and easy going manner!

I was looking at bringing my businesses online, one in accessories and the other in coaching. Ugne met in me, a person who thought she was "with it" as far as technology goes!
Am sure, she must have known from the start, the leap I was making, and took me through it with an ease, which rubbed off on me too!
Our sessions had her educating me on the broader story and nuances of online marketing, sales funnels, *

She introduced me to Instagram and Facebook etc from a business perspective giving a beautiful structure to my social media management.

When I started implementing the structure, it was pure panic for me! It felt too much! She actually told me, Ruchika, breathe! Give yourself 3 months and not 3 days to get it all! Do the day's tasks and get away from the gadgets! You are on track!

Her advice and inputs for scaling my marketing to paid advertising on social media, with the dos and don'ts is so systematic, especially the small details, that can cost a lot if you overlook them.

I can say that she's not only gotten my technical know how up to date, but also ensured that my knowledge base was formed. This is very empowering, as I now enjoy and know how to keep up with self learning! If you're in the online world, and even outsourcing management, to have the knowledge, keeps you a synergised with your work.

Deeply grateful to you Ugne"

Manuela Damant

Manuela Damant

Visionary collective leader at Azkua

"Ugne worked with Azkua to kick start our social media presence. Her insights based on in-depth market and analytics data analysis gave us a lot of clarity on where we stand, and which steps to take and why. I especially loved realizing that we don't have to do it all. We can decide and focus on a specific platform (for us LI).
It was a great pleasure working together and I would recommend liaising with Ugne for any Entrepreneur seeking for efficient and aimed advice and strategy on where your business stands and what you should aim for in the social media world ."

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