Behind Aim to WOW stands Ugne Marchionno. She is a Creative Growth Strategist by vocation and has made Growth her motto in life and business.

Lithuanian born, achieved her bachelor degree in Economics and Masters in Communication and Advertising in the Italian Capital of Fashion – Milan.

“Carrier and Family have brought me to travel and live around the world, from Europe to Asia, to South America and back. On the way I have picked up 7 languages, learned variety of different cultures and sharpened my strategic eye on any situation thrown my way! I love the challenge and complexity of the multicultural societies we live in.”

multicultural adjective

mul· ti· cul· tur· al | \ˌməl-tē-ˈkəlch-rəl

of, relating to, or representing several different cultures or cultural elements: a multicultural society


Several and Different are indeed the driving force behind our Creative Growth Strategies. Aim to WOW will find ways to further enhance the branding of your product or service, as well as develop a marketing plan through analysis of current market data and trends. Following Growth Hacking vision, Aim to WOW works with creativity and statistics combining the two into a winning model that is forward-thinking to anticipate future trends and paves the way to your business success.

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