“Aim to Wow” strategy starts with a detailed analysis of your business and a definition of the unique goals that will guide you.

Having data-driven advice will give you a clear structure that you can follow for both on-line and/or offline activities of Marketing and Sales.

No more feeling confused or frustrated with:

  • losing opportunities
  • wondering where you are/should be standing within your market
  • investing in your business (effort, time and money) without being able to measure the results of these activities
  • getting frustrated over wrong metrics on Social Media
  • thinking whether you are on the right Social platform and if you are missing out on opportunities
  • creating the right contents for your Social Media mix


  • Market and competitor analysis Know what is happening around you and how your audience is replying to it! You will have a book with guidelines to follow to help you create the perfect answer tailored to reply to your customer-specific needs. This qualitative research will give you the power to know how your competitors are moving to solve market-specific problems and thus be able to shape your unique proposition. Having your analysis in your hands is like having the crystal ball that answers all your business doubts.
  • Content Strategy Setting clear and measurable goals is a key to success! Why and to whom am I talking to? Content strategy needs to be in tune with the specific business stage you are in:
  • Are you thinking of starting a new business? Are you launching a product or service? Need to generate AWARENESS?
  • Are you in the ACQUISITION phase and need to promote your business?
  • Have you launched and promoted but can’t get your customers to take that last step to purchase. ACTIVATION is key!
  • Do you want to earn brand loyalty and increase engagement? RETENTION and REFERRAL are the steps in your funnel that need your attention at this stage.

With a personalised content strategy, you will have knowledge of where, when should you be speaking and how. It incorporates industry-specific tips and your audience insights. Having your goals at sight and knowing analytical metrics that relate to them, will unleash your creative potential, as you will no longer one struggling with contents that do not pay off on your effort investment.

And if you are feeling stuck you will always have a place where to find inspiration – your brand-specific, personalised Content Strategy!

  • Data and Analytics Your business is up and running, your social media profiles are looking crisp and you have a good follower base, but it feels like you are stuck with creating loads of contents and feel unsure how and what do they actually add to your business? Having your analytics interpreted will give you an understanding of if you are actually hitting your goals and how could you improve.

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